DW/SH Christmas present from @memolibri :)


December 2011. I got a present which contained these: a blue letter, a pistachio-flavoured chocolate, and an amazing notebook with leather-spine. But it was cryptic.

The package: 

After I opened it and removed the blue paper, I got a tick-tock. :)

No. 1. Key: On the back of the paper was this:

(the poem written in Hungarian, but you might notice it from Doctor Who)

No. 2. Key: When I put the paper on the letter with matching the clock-arms, I got this:

Which helped me to decrypt this message inside the notebook.

No. 1. decryption: bit.ly/sGaUif which lead me to a page, which became visible at exactly 5:02 PM. 

No. 2. decryption: Molto bene megfejtetted a kulcsot a Doktor és River üzenetéhez. /Molto bene you have decrypted the key for the message of the Doctor and River.

I had to use my mobile phone camera here, which lead me to this picture: 

No. 3. decryption: Hello Sweety! Happy Christmas! :) You can recognize the dancing men from Sherlock by the way.

And that’s how you wish Merry Christmas to a Sherlockian/Whovian. Learn it! 

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